Stone Jumping

Stone jumping is a common children's game played by the Kozkonyonyaosi. How the game is played depends on the region of the Frost Mountain Range the Koz come from.


Stone jumping has existed as a kids game for thousands of years. It was invented around the year -10,000. It originated in Iraea, the largest region of the Frost Mountain Range.

Ruler's Guard Ritual

The original stone jumping was not actually a game, but rather a rite of passage for those who want to become a ruler's guard. The Koz believed only those who could survive jumping down the mountain would deserve to be a ruler's guard. Several small platforms were placed down the mountain, and those participating had to jump from the top of the mountain down to the bottom, where the ruler would be. The ritual was incredibly difficult and most would die, their remains would either be as a meat pancake on the platforms, or spread along the mountain if they didn't quite hit the platform.

Kid's Game

Only a thousand years ago did the ritual start evolving into a children's game. Students were learning about the history of the Koz, and in classes they were taught about this ritual known as "stone jumping". The children took the concept and made it their own, by placing large flat stones along the ground in a path. One child will stay at the end and act as a ruler, while the others will line up at the start. One by one, the children will attempt to make it across the stones to the finish line. If they fail to jump to a stone, they "die" and will sit out. If someone finishes, they join the ruler as one of their guards. The new game was popularised with school children in different regions, and in each region the rules were changed slightly.


Ruler's Guard Ritual

The original stone jumping was a ritual that would allow people to become a guard for the ruler of the settlement and the accompanying region. One would stand on the top of the mountain, and they would attempt to jump onto stone platforms, usually one to two metres wide, that dot the way straight down the mountain. If you can survive all the falls and make it to the bottom of the mountain where the ruler is, then you become a guard, however most people die before they do.  

Kid's Game

The children's game is rather different to the old guard's ritual. It is a much more friendly, and less bloody, version of it. One child will stand at the end of a pathway made from flat stones, and acts as the ruler. The rest of the children in the group stand at the start, and the first child will start jumping from stone to stone. These stones are placed far away from each other so only the best will make it to the ruler. If a child fails to reach a stone, they have to sit out, while children who make it to the ruler become a "guard".


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