Starside Pools

The Starside Pools is a luxury natural pool floating in space. Situated on a rogue A-Planet between the AO5 System and the Tritegawa System. The pools are one of the most popular attractions in District 1, gaining upwards of a billion tourists every year.


The Starside Pools is situated on a rogue A-Planet named A-Planet 28C. This A-Planet is found in the centre of the Pereleos Galaxy, in District 1. This is the largest galaxy, and because of the A-Planet's location, the Starside Pools is very popular. The A-Planet is fairly close to the First Major Galactic Intersection, bringing in more traffic and tourists.

The Pools are named after the several stars and solar systems that can be seen clearly from the building. In a very close proximity to the AO5 and Tritegawa Systems, all three stars (One in the AO5, two in the Tritegawa) are clearly visible.


The various natural pools on the A-Planet are stacked on top of each other, forming a large hill with waterfalls flowing throughout, creating a constant running water that prevents the water from stagnating. The water naturally flows both up and down the hill, in each of the pools, and this natural phenomena is what draws most people to visit.

Around the pools are trees and various plants, which all come from different planets and are not native, since A-Planets naturally do not contain any plant life. Along the bottom of the hill are small lodges, enough to house a small family for a few nights. These lodges are almost always booked, and you'll need to book several years in advance if you'd like to stay and admire the views for a few days.

Karkhalan Ownership

Unsurprisingly, Karkhala is the planet responsible for the Starside Pools. Their desire to expand their claims around the Yonderverse has even led them beyond their home planet and even district, and they have wound up in District 1 creating thousands of tourist destinations, this being one of them. The Starside Pools is one of the most popular destinations the planet owns, and it brings in more money than the two other largest destinations do, combined.

The money this location brings in goes towards trading with other planets and corporations for unique resources, as they are more than happy to spend this extra money on new materials that they might not even know how to best use.

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