Stargazer City

Stargazer City is a massive metropolis on the moon Twelve, orbiting Echos. The city is the only thing found on the planet, and takes up almost 3/8 of Twelve's surface area. The planet is renowned for its technological capabilites, especially in its military, which is famous throughout the Yonderverse for having some of the most hi-tech vehicles and selling them to regions and kingdoms throughout space.


Stargazer city is famous, Yonderverse wide, for its ability to take in immigrants from war struck places. The city allowed in immigrants, offering them jobs, working for the military bases and building their vehicles to sell. It's not the best jobs, but it's enough to support their lives financially. From the last census taking place a few years ago, the city contained over 1,452 sapient races from across the Yonderverse.

Industry & Trade

The city's main trade is in military vehicles. The city's advanced technology has allowed them to set up mining facilities on different celestial objects, planets, moons, A-Planets, and can extract their ores. The city then manufactures vehicles that are transported to different kingdoms, countries, and organisations across the Yonderverse. The city supports over a hundred organisations on a regular basis, their special delivery vehicles can be spotted flying about space quite often.

Points of interest

Two Point Tower

Two point tower is the grandest tower in Stargazer city. It is the home of the Grand Twelve, the ruler of the city. The building is currently the tallest in the city, and is directly in the centre of Stargazer city. Two point tower is shaped like a two pronged fork, with a celestial object shaped light hovering in the middle, that constantly morphs into different colours.


The city's futuristic designs have created a metropolis of skyscrapers, each with interesting, unique designs. The buildings have few set requirements which must be met before being built, which are mostly about infrastructure and less on design, meaning that the city is made of buildings of various striking colours, shapes and textures.

Natural Resources

The moon that Stargazer city is sat on is packed full of precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, margarium, selerium, and proganium. As well, the moon is made from a rock that is rarely found on moons; the rock is found on 0.02% of moons in the Yonderverse.
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Master Alixzere
John Johnson
26 Nov, 2021 19:40

A megalopolis on a moon ! Well that's cool ! What kind of high-tech weaponry do they sell ?

26 Nov, 2021 19:50

They sell military weapons and vehicles, and ship them off to different countries on various planets!

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