Spicebacks are large creatures hailing from the Horror Dimension. Only one recorded specimen has ever been found, and it escaped into Half Ocean, residing close to Volcania.

Basic Information


Spiceback shares similarities to prehistoric creatures from Earth known as plesiosaurs. The creature has a barrel shaped body, a long neck and small head, a short tail, and 4 flippers. The back of its body is adorned with large rock-like bones jutting out, which are a deep purple. The scales around these bone structures have been bleached and have a steep gradient from the red around their body, through to yellow and white. Spiceback's neck is surrounded by several white rings of an unknown material, assumingly from the Horror Dimension. His mouth is full of sharp metal teeth which can rip through the seabed. Spiceback has very small eyes and instead relies on sonar to navigate the depths he lives in. His blood bleeds a deep purple, as do all creatures from the Horror Dimension.

Growth Rate & Stages

After escaping into Half Ocean, Spiceback only reached about 10 metres long. After six years of living in the depths, he reached up to 18 metres, with no sign of slowing down. It is believed that spiceback was only a baby when he found his way into Half Ocean, which means he has an awful lot of growing left to do.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Spiceback is carnivorous, and preys on anything his mouth can clamp on. He has been known to prey on Volcanic Eusteans, and has been terrorising the village ever since he arrived. He has been known to fight ultra squids, a large squid species almost 30 metres long as an adult, and some of his fights have been recorded and posted online.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Spiceback has the ability to use sonar. He can emit a high pitched squealing sound which will bounce off of walls and objects in front of him and allows spiceback to navigate the dark abyss he lives in.
Geographic Distribution


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