Space Bubbles

Space bubbles are large ecosystems found rarely around space, that somehow produce heat, and the heat is protected from space by an atmosphere that resembles an extraordinarily large bubble. They are formed when a Sun generates too much energy, and "pops", leaving a stream of heat in space that will form a bubble shape. These bubbles seem to attract a variety of wildlife that live in space, such as severins, and have even seen various herds gathering in the bubbles to meet up, similarly to how sapient species meet up as friends.


The bubble's atmosphere appears almost shiny from the outside, and various swirls and other patterns will form on the shell. These patterns continuously move about and transform into different shapes. The inside of the space bubble is immensely hotter than outer space, reaching degrees of up to 20℃, average for a harmonid. These space bubbles exceed a hundred kilometres wide, and vary in size based on the Sun that created them.   Various floating objects such as asteroids, or man-made items get caught up in space bubbles. Once they enter the atmosphere, they cannot get out, simply because getting through the shell slows it down that much. Whilst the objects are in the atmosphere, they can actually grow wildlife on it. Various unusual plant species have been seen in these bubbles, such as winding foot-cacti and trumpethorn ferns.   As well as the plant life, the bubbles can also create clouds, and thus an entire weather system. Because of the shape of the bubble, the rain simply rolls around the shell of the bubble, never escaping and it continuously keeps the climate at a perfect temperature.
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Suns are fairly common in the Yonderverse, along with Solar Systems. When a Sun starts to overheat, or when the ball of frozen souls in its core starts to overfill, the energy pops out of the side of the Sun, and fizzles out into the cold atmosphere of space. The stream of heat energy then floats through space, until it gets cold enough and starts to blow up, into a large bubble shape. The exterior shell of the bubble cools so much it turns a shiny blue, and then the space bubble is created. The process of the Sun bursting in its side to the creation of the bubble takes up to a thousand years.


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