Southwell Graveyard

Southwell graveyard is an abandoned graveyard just west of Southwell Towers. It is guarded by a minotaur like creature, which hides among the graves, coffins, and abandoned buildings in the site.

Purpose / Function

Back when the old abandoned settlement of Southwell was populated, it was a bustling town with a lot of traffic. The graveyard was where most of the people in the town were buried, from its construction all the way to its disbandment. The cemetery houses hundreds of the deceased, which are lined neatly in rows that form a tight lattice.


Naturally, as more people die, more people are buried. Every time someone dies a new grave is buried, and they are placed inside their coffin which is placed in the ground. Two major areas of the cemetery exist, the west wing and the east wing. The west wing was created first, and only when the east wing was created did the west wing gain its name. The west wing is the smaller of the two, almost half the size of the east wing. As the Oerina pandemic spread, more people caught it and died so the cemetary needed a quick expansion, which gave rise to the east wing.


Each grave is customised, with the name of the deceased, the age of death (including their birthdate and deathdate), as well as their spirit animal which was a common sight on gravestones in Aendatha. The graves are made by gravesmiths, which are necromancers who have some earth magic abilities too. These gravesmiths must be professionals as the gravestones are intended to last hundreds, or thousands of years. The buildings surrounding the cemetery are a very old style, made from stone mined from nearby quarries, they have deteriorated over time and now that they are abandoned vines and other foliage have swamped it.


The graveyard was commonly scattered with people from the town of Southwell, paying respects to their loved ones. Since the strike of oerina, the cemetery has experienced a large influx of both dead and living people, those who have sadly passed from the virus and those who are to pay respects to them.   When the town was abandoned, word got out that someone sent a deadly creature to protect one of the corpses. Few know who the corpse is, and if the creature is real, but they all refuse to speak about it.


The graveyard finds itself inhabited by a few teenagers who think they can fight the creature themselves. A report from 2013 showed that a group of teenagers broke into the graveyard, dug up a metal coffin and got attacked by the minotaur creature. Sadly, out of the seven who went in, only two made it out.
1500, not confirmed

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