Souls are some of the most complex existences in the entire Yonderverse. The result of someone or something's death, souls have the capability to wipe out the Yonderverse.   Souls range in sizes, from as small as a sand grain to the size of a car. This all depends on the person that the soul belonged to. The larger the soul, the more compassion the person had. If the person had little compassion then the soul would reflect that, and be tiny itself.  


When a person dies and goes through whatever ritual the person went through, the soul will phase through the body as an invisible speck of light. The soul will fly upwards, out of the atmosphere, where it is then able to roam space as it pleases. It is unknown exactly how a soul comes to exist; it is theorised that they were designed by Aavar as a way to keep the memory of everyone who has ever existed alive.  


Souls all come in pairs. When a person dies, one soul leaves the body, while the other one stays for some other time. The other soul that remains is too big to leave, it can only leave when the body decomposes. This other soul actually goes to a separate, afterlife dimension. This dimension is nicknamed The Writer's Dimension where every half of the soul pair will go and design their own universe.  

Gravitational Pull

Souls have an incredibly gravitational pull that only works within the vacuum of space. The gravitational pull is so powerful that the souls are responsible for the creation of stars and its life cycle. When a soul meets more souls, forms a core/orb of souls and finds its way to a nebula, the soul will pull the entire nebula towards the orb of souls and create the protostar. As more souls finds their way to this core, a star is created. If some souls get evaporated or leave the core, then the star expands into a giant. If more souls leave, the giant explodes into a supernova, or if more souls enter the core then it turns into a white dwarf.  

Potions and spells

Souls are also a big part in potion making. A famous potion is the Soul Potion, which when poured in the mouth of a deceased person, they will be resurrected, all decomposed body matter will be magically revitalised. This potion is not banned in Greenerth, but since it is so incredibly difficult to obtain it has only ever been used once.
Writer's Dimension
Geographic Location | Nov 27, 2022

The afterlife that exists outside of the Yonderverse.


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Thank you so much! I'm very happy I was able to make souls so important :D

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