Silver Gown

Naturally, in a world where you are free to be yourself and express that in any way you want, you'll find many people express themselves through clothing, wearing intricate dresses, formal suits, bright t-shirts, they are all a common sight. In the Shattered Skies , dolarites all wear very similar clothing, woven from the silk of fairy moths.   Silver gowns are constructed of silver silk, which is extremely valuable. When woven with the looms, it becomes almost unbreakable as the strength of the silk combined with the structure creates a strong fabric. This means that new gowns are almost never needed, all they need to do is wash their clothes, and while they are being washed, dolarites have a plain white gown they wear.   The gowns are decorated with small white crystals, harvested from glassbead snails. Dolarites customise their gowns based on their own preference, and often they dye silk a light blue colour to add more variety, as the two colours compliment each other very well. They were also designed to suit the flower crowns that every citizen adorns.   Along everyone's sleeves is a strip of white fabric. This strip is used to display all the trophies that dolarites have recieved, be it winning competitions, supporting charities, a whole host of interesting badges and trophies can be obtained which are shown off on the arm strip. If you're lucky, you may get a discount at shops for having many badges!   Clothing has no gender, so these gowns are worn by every dolarite.
These outfits can vary a lot, through the flower patterns, amount of white and blue silk. It depends on who is wearing it, this example is a very simple silver gown.
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The dresses are woven from the fine silk of fairy moths. These moths are rare, but when found will produce an enormous amount of it. Dolarites use large manual looms to weave the dresses. The clothing is inspired by many types of flowers, like cloud daisies. Often you'll find flowers woven into the dress, in rings along the skirt.
A loom is used to weave the clothes together. These are found in every single household, as dolarites weave their own clothes.


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20 May, 2021 16:46

Nice article. I like the idea of showing off badges and getting the discounts because of it :p In that regard I don't fully understand what you mean with this sentence   ' and trophies can be one which are shown off there.' should the one be won?   Also I am curious about the silversilk. You say that they gain it from fairy moths but why is it called silversilk? Is it because of the color? In all good read.

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20 May, 2021 17:12

Thank you for liking and commenting, I'm very glad you liked the article! I tried altering the sentence to try and make more sense. Regarding the silver silk, it is named after the colour of the silk :)

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20 May, 2021 17:13

My bad, I just realised wrote "one" instead of "won". Thank you for pointing it out!

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20 May, 2021 18:20

Glad I could help ^^ Oh and nice that you added an image now I can indeed see why it is called silver silk :D

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
20 May, 2021 20:04

Nice article :D I like the idea of the badges. Do epoeple ever run out of place becaus ethey have too many of them?   What are Dolarites, just the name for the people living in the Shattered Skies or a different species?   Is the gown worn by both men and women? Do they wear it for everyday life despite how expensive the silk is?

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20 May, 2021 20:17

Thank you for reading my article! When they run out of space, they display the best badges and trophies, leaving the rest at home. Dolomites are the sun-species of harmonid, the "humans" of Greenerth, my planet. In my universe clothes have no gender, so males and females both wear the gowns. And when the gown is woven, it becomes almost unbreakable so they never really need to buy new clothes, just wash them and they're good.   Thank you, have a great day! :)

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20 May, 2021 21:44

Oh heck yeah; that's a right-pretty outfit and I like it.

20 May, 2021 21:49

Thank you so much! :)

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26 May, 2021 22:47

Interesting article! I like this outfit. I'm a bit curious about dolarites and what sort of people they are, and especially about silver silk. Is it called that for the only color or is it a very specific type of fabric?

27 May, 2021 06:19

Thank you! The silver silk is named that because of the colour and its shininess :)

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