Silkrock is a rock found exclusively on Venviri. The rock has an interesting function; on its own silkrock is soft, but when they come into close contact they release silk and entangle themselves, making them tough to take apark. Silkrocks form various large geographical landmarks on the planet, such as Qurilion Volcano, the largest single deposit of silkrock on Venviri.


Physical & Material Characteristics

As previously explained, silkrock is very soft on its own, but very difficult to break when in clumps thanks to the silk that is excreted when two silkrocks are moved close to each other. Strong winds move these rocks on their own, which gradually come into contact with more and more rocks, which creates boulders and over an immense amount of time, hills and mountains.

Silkrock comes in a selecion of colours, each colour is a distinct subtype of silkrock. The most common is a reddish-brown, with dark grey and light grey slightly less common. The different rock types form an unusual marbling in mountains and volcanoes.

Geographic Distribution

Silkrock is found worldwide on Venviri. The rock is found in small and large clumps, rolling along the ground thanks to the strong winds. The larger clumps are so heavy they cannot be pushed, and smaller rocks colliding into it just adds to the boulders. These eventually grow into hills and mountains, even volcanoes. The pressure that the silkrock mountain causes on the ground causes the crust to erupt, which creates the volcanoes.
Various colours: Red, Brown, Orange, Pink, Grey, Blue
Common State
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