Wandering Deer Creature

Shorps are large creatures wandering the dusty environments of A-Planets. They are a common creature, living in large herds of up to a hundred animals.

Basic Information


Shorps are large, deer like unieterrors, with a dark blue skin. A neon pink stripe extends from its one eye, over the head, splitting into two and crossing both sides of its body towards its stubby tail. Its one eye is positioned on top of its head. Shorps have a large flat, rock like platform on its back which it uses to absorb rays from the Sun to stay alive.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Shorps rely on absorbing the Sun's rays for food. It is rare for creatures to photosynthesize, but it is fairly common for unieterrors too. They need to absorb

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Just like their hunter, godrills, shorps inhabit the dry, barren, cold, environments of the A-Planets.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Absorbing enough of the Sun's rays allows the shorp to remain invisible for a certain amount of time. This allows them to remain safe from godrills. To see one shorp is a good omen, the invisibility makes the creature incredibly hard to spot.
16-24 years
Average Height
Average Length
Geographic Distribution
When in danger or threatened, these creatures will shoot a beam of light energy in all directions as a defense mechanism. This can stun and startle the "predator" while the shorps run away or turn invisible.


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