Shimmyrocks are small insects found in various biomes on Venviri. They possess the unique ability to separate themselves into two entirely new organisms of the same species when approached by a predator.


Shimmyrocks have the outward appearance of a line of pebbles. This is a camouflaging mechanism, as they live in and around pebbly environments, particularly riverbanks and beaches. Shimmyrocks have two very long antenna sticking out from their heads, which help them navigate their ever-changing environment. Their tails end in a sharp pincer, which measures at about half of the creature's entire length. These insects have three pairs of long, black legs, each equipped with tiny hairs that dislodge and cause issues when eaten by a predator. The backs of shimmyrocks are covered in a thick chitin, protecting their wings and also looking like pebbles to help camouflage.


Shimmyrocks are a herbivorous insect species, and consume a variety of plants that grow around the beaches and riverbanks where they live. These include lots of algae, which grow easily in the rocks and grow more frequently due to excess radiation in the air. Captive shimmyrocks are fed a diet consisting of more fruits than greens, as the foreign nutrients provide a healthier diet than they would get in the wild.


Shimmyrocks are a common insect species, mostly due to their separating abilities. They are found in all kinds of biomes, but particularly those that share similar coloured and textured pebbles as the chitin on their backs. Shimmyrocks are mostly found on beaches and riverbanks, where it is easy to tread on them but also easy to squeeze themselves between the rocks and hide from predators.

Escape Tactics & Defense Mechanisms

Shimmyrocks have several ways of defending themselves from predators and escaping dangerous situations. The most famous method of escaping is seen very often too; shimmyrocks will shiver and literally split themselves into two, creating a brand new shimmyrock. The sudden appearance of this new shimmyrock will cause confusion for the predator, and the two new insects can run off and hide while the predator remains in shock.
Another method is not exactly good for evading predators, but rather serves as karma for eating them. The legs on shimmyrocks are covered in thick hairs, and when swallowed by predators, will cause irritability and potentially shortness of breath. In some cases, predators have died because of these hairs, but sadly the shimmyrocks would already have been eaten.
Geographic Distribution
Sulphur Deserts
Pebble Shores
Average Lifespan
2 months
Average Length
1 - 2 inches


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