Floating Eye Squid

Severin are large unieterrors, from 100-200ft long. They float in space in groups of 5-20, feeding on primordial jelly they find in large clumps.   These beings are an incredibly passive species, literally never attacking, only running away when in danger or have been injured. They will float up to any moving thing and attempt to make friends with it to get it to join its herd.

Basic Information


Their scientific code name, UETO-7-FES, stands for Unidentified Extra Terrestrial Organism-7-Floating Eye Squid. This being has soft, almost feathery blue skin, with a long tail ending in a leaf shape. It has one eye floating in a ring in front of its mouth, surrounded by 20 tentacles. Its arm tentacles are not connected to the body, but rather floating out of rings, which seem to be tiny portals.

Genetics and Reproduction

Nobody really knows how this species reproduces. When observed, the creatures just, appeared, as an adult.

Ecology and Habitats

Severins are believed to spend their entire 200 or so year long life floating around the emptiness of space, grazing on clumps of primordial jelly. It is impossible for them to be in danger of asteroids regardless of how slow they swim, because their future sight means they just take a different path.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Severins spend their entire lives floating round space in search of primordial jelly to eat. This jelly is found in large purple clumps in space, which the severins track down and munch on before leaving to find more

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Severins can see into the future with its single floating eye, allowing it to live its life without encountering any danger whatsoever. It also uses its long tentacles to feel things.


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