Don't get too close. If you get within a hundred feet of it, the animal will sense you and start running. They have big saws too, one swipe and it'll chop your head off.
Sawsharks are a large, semi-aquatic fish species from Hell. They are a territorial species and will fight each other and other animals/people if they get too close.


Sawsharks have a bulky appearance, and are 90% muscle. Their four legs splay out of their yellowish-white bodies, each with five small fingers and five small, stubby claws. They have small, thick tails, that they use to smack others of their species that pose threats to their territories.

The most identifiable part of a sawshark are their heads. Their small eyes and mouths are overshadowed by the giant saw that sits atop their heads. It is a wonder how their heads don't constantly tip over with a two-metre long saw on the top of their heads. Skeletons of sawsharks show they have an impressive bone structure along their heads, down their necks and along their backs that makes it easier for the animals. It limits movement and flexibility, however.


Sawsharks are a hypercarnivorous species, exclusively eating meat. They commonly prey on helsauruses, large armoured herbivores. By slicing at their legs, sawsharks are able to bring the beasts down. Sawsharks are famous for the brutal scenes they leave whenever they eat an animal - they leave the corpse in several pieces, usually scattered around, with blood and other internal organs thrown about.

Sawsharks are an apex predator, able to take down practically any animal and has no predators. They are so dangerous that when sawsharks approach buildings or factories, they go into lockdown.


Sawsharks reach sexual maturity at the age of 10. At this age, they will search for a mate for life. Once found, the male will impregnate the female and she will retreat to her home cave. Partners have access to each other's territories.

Gestation period for sawsharks is roughly 10 months, and at least two babies are guaranteed. Each mating season, the pair of sawsharks meet up to mate, and once the babies are born and leave parents 6 months later the two will disperse and meet up again. They find each other by secreting a scent that the other recognises.


Despite being a fish, sawsharks are a land-based predator. They have small territories around the coastlines of the Atigeo and Xien Seas, endlessly patrolling them. At nights, sawsharks sleep inside warm caves - compared to daytimes of Hell, the caves are chilly.


Since the arrival of Karkhala workers on Hell, sawsharks have rapidly declined in population. Out of fear, sawsharks are killed on sight if they get within a kilometre of the factories that mine the plentiful resources of the planet.

Sawsharks are very fast runners which is why they are only killed with long-ranged weapons. These weapons are constructed by Karkhalan companies, and can fire up to 1000 times a minute, easily taking out a sawshark.

Failed Domestication

At the same time, Karkhala was attempting to domesticate sawsharks and use them for military purposes. As sawsharks are an incredibly powerful species, with an impressive saw-weapon on their heads, Karkhala wanted to weaponise them. Unfortunately, any attempt was futile, as the animals proved too difficult and too stupid to co-operate.

This operation isn't that well known, as attempts to hide it were made, but still word got out about their goal and now many other planets are wary of Karkhala.

50 years
Average Height
3 metres
Average Length
8 metres
Geographic Distribution

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