Sacaethea is a planet in the Kurhira Solar System. It is the fourth planet orbiting Afuph. Sacaethea has some of the most extreme megafauna and megaflora, with mile tall trees and kilometre wide birds.


Overgrown Islands

Millions of small islands dot several continent regions, all growing large trees up to 6 miles tall, and a thousand feet wide. These islands are inhabited by pirates, digging settlements into their trunks. The islands themselves are a mixture of chalk and other limestone types, forming rocky white cliffs.


Barely reaching over 100 feet deep, the ocean on Sacaethea is incredibly shallow. The roots of the grandia trees grow down the cliffs of islands and into the oceans, where they are able to filter out the salt and hydrate themselves. The oceans are mostly barren, most of the animal and plant species living close to islands, and more open ocean is empty.

Fauna & Flora



Rocs are a species of massive predatory bird, named after the mythical bird "roc". When they fly they create winds and drafts behind them that decimate the ground, and can even create small tidal waves.


Similar to the pirates of Greenerth, the pirates of Sacaethea are a highly evolved cephalopod species. While they primarily venture out on the ocean on large ships, they live in carved out trunks of grandia trees on islands.


Grandia Tree

Visible from space, grandia trees reach a maximum height of about 6 miles, and a width of a thousand feet. The roots of these trees reach down to the bottom of the ocean, and their leaves nestled within the clouds.


Dire are the only other plant species that can grow on the islands. They have to compete with the grandia trees for minerals and water, and their roots bury themselves in the grandia tree roots and "steal" minerals and water.
Grandia Tree by Mochi
Dire by Mochi


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