Sabala is a pocket dimension, inside it is what can only be described as infinite energy and light.   Many mages and other magic users draw energy from sabala, which also powers many spells, for example the Saffron Suns of Sabala. All of the spells that require sabala are extremely powerful, and can have lasting effects on the victim.


Sabala is completely uninhabitable. No mortal could ever exist in this place, only their soul could survive, and even then not for long. Those who have seen this place described it as an endless beam of light circling them.


In many texts and drawings in sarran mythology, Sabala is said to be the birthplace of the God of the Sun's, Neoyar. This also means that Neoyar also has power over mages, since they draw some of their powers from Sabala.
Dimensional, Pocket


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