Runes are the official currency of the three clans in on Etrea, the Darrowspar Depths, Valinspar Depths, and the Larrowspar Depths.  
1 rune Stone rune
5 runes Green crystal rune
10 runes Yellow crystal rune
30 runes White crystal rune
50 runes Purple crystal rune
100 runes Blue crystal rune


The runes have been the currency of the trio of depths for about a hundred years. Proposed by the Odorae people in the Darrowspar depths, the first runes all consisted of crystals but since they were rather difficult to get, the plain stone rune design replaced them and crystals were reserved for richer people.   The first ever rune is held in the town hall, in the gallery. It is placed right at the entrance of the gallery, and is the centrepiece in a glass container.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Raw materials & Components
Regular runes are made from a simple stone, carved into circles. When constructed they are very angular and not smooth as they are quickly produced manually, but as they are passed through different people they get gradually smoother.   Special runes that are worth more are embedded with crystals. Different coloured runes are worth different amounts of money.
A small chisel is used to carve the stone into runes. Large, thin stone slabs are shattered and pieces that are about a centimetre long are taken. These pieces are filed down into circular shapes with the chisel into the runes.   To make crystal runes, the middle of the runes are hollowed out with the chisels. Crystals are filed down with a thinner chisel since they are more fragile, and are fitted into the rune.

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