Rotting Insensitivity

Rotting insensitivity, or simply RI, was a disease that affected millions, caused by magic radiation from the Galdasar Blood Magic Leak of 1850. The disease was thankfully not contagious, but it did ravage the entire city and wipe out 77% of the population.  


The disease was created in the Tower of Mages located in the central district of Galdasar. A couple mages were working on a blood magic spell which obviously revolved around necromancy, and so by accident the spell grew out of proportion. The entire tower was exploded and collapsed, while a green gas filled the city and seeped over the floating island. The gas got into everybody in the city except for those at the edge of the city who had time to prepare.   Over a few weeks the disease had killed about 60% of the population, as most people had organs that stopped working and would eventually die from it. Over the next week, the last people that had the disease would slowly die, and the majority of the city was left lifeless with the remains of many corpses of the people who passed.   Necromancer cleaners were sent into the city to clean up the bodies and clean the gas out of the island. Only 15 years later was the city declared safe to live in, and the population slowly grew, as well it remained the capital of Sarra.  



The biggest and most obvious symptom is the rotting sensation of the skin. One's skin will start to peel off, turn green/blue, revealing meat, bones and organs.

Immune to pain

Thankfully (sort of) the other main symptom of rotting insensitivity is the fact that one cannot feel pain. Anyone with RI cannot feel the pain of themselves rotting and falling apart. It has its benefits, one being that they cannot feel the pain of themselves dying.

Organs shutting down

The symptom that ultimately kills the infected is the organs slowly shutting down. One by one, the organs will stop working. The order of the organs shutting down is different depending on the infected, so for one person the heart could shut down first which will quickly kill them but then other people may die very slowly.
Affected Species


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