Rotting Hand

The rotting hand is a magical, undead item locked away in a chamber in the crypt underneath the Gravisanctum in the Southwell Towers. Three hundred years ago this magical thing terrorised the quiet town of Southwell, before it was locked away by the town's blood mage.


According to texts stored with the rotting hand's cage, the hand first appeared 315 years ago, on a quiet night in Southwell. In the Southwell Graveyard, one of the coffins creaked open whilst still underground. The body attempted to crawl out, but due to the weight of the soil above, only a hand could make it out before the door slammed shut, snapping the hand off entirely.

The hand crawled its way through the soil and onto the ground, and began making its way through the graveyard to the nearby town, where it began terrorising the people still awake in the evening. The hand would sneak up on people and grab their ankles, and when the people looked down they would most likely faint out of pure fear. The hand was only stopped by a blood mage who was attacked by the hand. She managed to lock it in a blood-cage spell, which prevents any undead items and objects from moving. The hand was then taken to the crypt underneath the Gravisanctum, locked in the same blood cage where it remains to this day.

Southwell Crypt

The rotting hand incident was such a traumatic event that carvings of the terrifying attack exist along the corridors of the Southwell Crypt. Not much is found in the crypt, aside from the rotting hand itself, so the majority of the carvings in the walls are of this hand. Towards the back of the crypt is where the hand is found; bypass the blood gates and you will find yourself in a small room, with the hand locked in a tiny blood-cage.


Out of fear that the entire body would end up rising from the grave and attack the village, the blood mage that caught the hand went to the Southwell Graveyard and locked away the body. To her, and everybody else's surprise, the body was missing. Nobody knows where the body has gone, but when the mage arrived the coffin was sitting on top of the ground, and was wide open, with nothing inside. Nothing has been reported since the corpse was found missing, causing worry around the area.
Current Location
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