Rocklins are small little crystal gremlins that work endlessly in mines underground. They exist in a small village on a remote island in the Half Ocean, west of Aendatha. They are mischevious critters and do not appreciate visitors, they think they are there to steal the precious crystals.   Harmonids don't know much about these people, as they kill anyone who sets foot on their island. The only known person who has visited this island is Sfm-a, a devilish shapeshifter. They disguised himself as a rocklin, and snuck on the island. After arriving they wrote down everything they could about these people, and reported back to the PA.

Basic Information


They are small and plump, about 1 - 2ft tall. They have a dark grey skin, and have two short arms and two short legs, with 3 toes and fingers on each. They have a large "crown" on their head, made of crystals and encircled in a stone ring. They stand upright, like most other sapient species.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

The crystals growing on rocklins head were a symbol of beauty. The bigger, bolder, more striking crystals that adorned ones head were favoured more, and were more likely to win someone a partner.

Average Technological Level

Rocklins are a clever species, developing impressive technology and magic for the limited resources they had on the island.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Rocklins speak a separate language to other sapient species, through loud clicks, grunts, and other unique noises. This language is very unusual, and is difficult to learn as a second language.


Rocklins, for the past 14 thousand years, have existed as a small colony on a remote island, far west of Aendatha. They are known to kill any trespasser that set foot on this island. So to harmonids, this species is unknown.   Rocklins developed a sustainable lifestyle once they discovered farming, building large farms close to the coast. Houses were build on the island, close to the abundant mine entrances. Quickly after the economy was formed, and thus classes of people too. The lower class houses are built closest to the ocean, then closer to the center of the island, a large mountain, and the ruler lives in a castle directly on the mountaintop. The economy is based on the crystals that are found in the large system of caves and mines underground, rocklins used small crystals to pay for everything.
40 - 50 years
Average Height
1 - 2ft tall
Geographic Distribution


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