Red Rock Island

Red Rock Island is one of the largest islands on Dracosei. It is notorious for being incredibly dangerous, not just the abundance of fire dragons, but also the terrain and plant life can be lethal too. In the north of the island is a large volcano, where the Fire frighter, fire elemental, resides.   On the shores of this island is a large stretch of beach around the entire island, made of small burning red rocks, where the island gets its name. The entire terrain is a mix of tough red stone and brown stone, which is both incredibly tough to break and erode. The island is slowly being eroded in the north, where the most cliffs are, and in the south is where the island is built up through deposition.


This island is situated directly east of Kazaharo Cliffs, the only other island rivaling in size. This island is comprised of burning stone beaches, rocky terrains and volcanoes with lava pools and falls. This place is incredibly dangerous, with burning thermal geysers ready to boil you alive where you step. Closer to the east of the island is more safer environments, with natural freshwater lakes, drinkable water too.

Fauna & Flora

In Red Rock Island you will find many dangerous dragons, most of which are fire elements. These may include death's heads, fiery imps, gargoyells, and metalclaws.   The plant life on Red Rock Island is no joke either. You may be pricked to death by poison barbs, set ablaze by burning blossoms, or maybe choked by the writhing tentacle trees. It is advised you stay away from all plants if you are unfamiliar with the species, as you will most definitely meet an unfortunate and painful end.

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