Rainbow Cliffs

The rainbow cliffs is the largest cliff section on Kazaharo Cliffs. It is the most famous location on the island, and is where the island region got its name from, "kaza" meaning colourful and "haro" meaning rock. The region extends from the southeast side of the island all the way to the northeast. The rocks are combined partly with crystals, which is what causes the enchanting lights from the rocks during dawns and dusks.


The rainbow cliffs extend from the southeast of the island, all the way along the coast to the northeast side of the island. The cliff reaches a maximum height of a whopping 24 metres, ranging on average at about 2 or 3 metres to the low 20s, of course maxing out at 24. The cliff's most prominent feature is Sharp's Headland, the biggest headland on the island. It showcases lines of the crystal infused rock, different layers being different colours; oranges, yellows, reds, greens, blues, purples, pinks. Just off the coast of Sharp's Headland are hundreds of sea stacks and stumps, where the island used to exist but got eroded over time.

Localized Phenomena

During evening sunsets and morning sunrises, the crystal rock will start to shimmer, and produce more light that shines in the sky. This magnificent sight can only be seen on this island, because of the unique crystals found in the cliffs. The lights that reflect off of the crystals all depends on the colour of them.

Fauna & Flora

Not many creatures live permanently in the cliffs, however there is one dangerous creature: potbellies. As innocent as their names sound, these dragons bury themselves in the soil, or dig themselves tunnels in the cliffs. Through receptors in their feet, they can sense movements outside on the shores, and when they do they pounce out into the air, or burst through the cliff wall, to chase their prey. Worst of all, they can jump at least 50 feet in the air with their sturdy legs, meaning there is almost no way to escape them.
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Huh, neat place ! Didn't thought you would have small dragons popping out of nowhere and jumping at ridiculous heights though

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Glad you like it! And they're not small dragons, they're really big :D

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