Qurilion Volcano

Sat directly on the South Pole of Venviri, Qurilion Volcano is the largest volcano on the toxic planet. Like all volcanoes on Venviri, Qurilion Volcano erupts pure crude oil, and is extracted by many TPCs.
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Qurilion Volcano sits directly on the South Pole, and acts as an entrance to the Inner Core. The volcano is exactly 7,534 metres from sea level, and about 150 miles wide.
Made of silkrock, Qurilion Volcano is the largest single deposit of silk rock on the planet. As well, the volcano erupts the largest amount of crude oil on the planet, as all volcanoes erupt crude oil.
The volcano is just one of many in a large volcanic island chain, nestled within the Virii Ocean.


Qurilion Volcano erupts about once a year. These violent eruptions cause tremors and earthquakes which ripple through the entire planet. These eruptions cause sandstorms in the sulphur deserts, when the ground shaking stirs up the ground and sulphur can sometimes spark and cause fires.


TPCs practically drool at the sight of this volcano. Crude oil is an incredibly valued resource in the Yonderverse, used for a variety of reasons, but most commonly as fuel for planet-bound vehicles.
The most prominent TPC mining out Qurilion Volcano is the Talerin Extraction Facility. This facility was set up by residents of Tak'are on Talerin in the Ria Solar System


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