Potato Goblin

Potato Goblins are sapient creatures that live in the temperate forests of Aekor. They live in small settlements with lots of forest farmlands. They grow potatoes and only potatoes, creating their armour out of plated potatoes and eating them, using them as defence for their settlements.

Basic Information


These goblins have an upright position, standing on their short hind legs, only reaching half a metre tall at best. They have a rotund body with bright green skin, and their ears are very long and pointed, often with giant shining metal earrings. They wear a saggy potato sack that's made of the skin of plated potatoes. Their lower jaws are more stuck out than their top jaws, giving them a broken speech and one or two teeth grow a lot longer, further past their jaw the way up to their flat, bat like noses.

Genetics and Reproduction

Female potato goblins can only support a child once ever 5 years. When the mother is pregnant, egg production in ovaries are halted for the next 5 years, until the production starts again. A mother can go through roughly 3 pregnancies before egg production stops altogether.

Ecology and Habitats

Potato goblins live in the mushroom forests, a temperate forest sub-biome, in Aekor. They construct their homes out of the mushrooms and trees that grow there, and build their village with nature instead of removing trees. Because they don't destroy the trees, they live on the forest edges where they can make their farms for potatoes, because the little Sun in the forest doesn't allow for much light.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Potato goblins have an omnivorous diet. All the vegetables they eat are the potatoes that they harvest, but they also hunt down small vertebrates and cook their meat. While hunting, they occasionally gather fruits and nuts but this isn't common, they do it when the potato supply is dwindling and they need another temporary food source.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Potato goblins have a naturally angry looking face, their resting face looking the same as a miserable harmonid. They have a long lower jaw that stretches out farther than their upper, with one or a few teeth sticking upwards, having grown into the free space it has.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Existing in the mushroom forests of Aekor, they don't occupy a large territory. They only live on the edges of mushroom forests since the mushroom roots provide many nutrients and minerals for better potato growth.

Average Intelligence

Potato goblins are not intelligent compared to other sapient beings, they do not use magic or technology, and instead have a rather primitive lifestyle. They have learnt to use armour plated clothes, from the plated potatoes. They learnt to farm very quickly and construct houses.

Civilization and Culture


Potato goblins are not really an evolution of goblins, they're just a group of gremlins that moved and harvest potatoes. They moved to the mushroom forests a twenty thousand years ago, where they took over the entire Sher Forest, a massive mushroom forest. Back then the population was much much higher, almost 50 million. As time went on, the population slowly decreased since other, larger creatures in the forest began picking them off. The villages got smaller and smaller until only 3 separate settlements are left, from the original larger goblin city.
40 years
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Physique
Potato goblins are all rotund, as it is seen as a positive, the rounder you are. It shows wealth, and you can afford a lot of food.
A negative physical aspect is barnacles, common with the wealthy. Since barnacles are linked to laziness, the wealthy who have barnacles are frowned upon.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Potato goblins have a bright green skin, with darker green armpits and throats. Where the goblins get a sun tan, their skin goes lighter.
Geographic Distribution

Plated Potato Armour

Having their population dwindle down by the constant dangers of predators meant the goblins needed a solution. They were growing an unusual species of vegetable that had what appeared to be scales on it, that protected themselves from insects getting at its insides.   These potatoes were grown and the scales were harvested and used to build roofs, which is why the houses were never damaged. They learnt to weave together the scales to create an almost indestructible material. For some reason it never occurred to them to make armour out of this, since the threat of predators would completely disappear with the armour. According to a few stolen texts, the new armour started to popularise around the 1400s. The armour was designed so that when a goblin wanted to retreat, they could just shrink into a ball shape and their entire body was protected with scales. This invention managed to save the population from the brink of extinction, when it was at about 30,000.


Author's Notes

Potato Goblins were inspired by Leno. Thank you!

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Eternal Sage lartra
Leeland Artra
5 Aug, 2021 20:02

If a breeding couple can only have one child, the population will halve with each generation. They should be extinct. And even if you say there are 10 to 1 new females per generation, that just delays the end of a few generations and means the definition of a couple is more of a temporary thing. Or did I miss something?

5 Aug, 2021 20:31

Yeah, I knew the population would be small but for some reason it didn't clock that population halves every generation. Thank you for pointing it out xD I'll make changes right away. :)

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Eternal Sage lartra
Leeland Artra
6 Aug, 2021 04:14

Ah now that new reproductive cycle can hold a population up.... barely. Still, love the idea.