Pereleos Galaxy

The Pereleos Galaxy is a galaxy in District 1 of Aavar's River. The galaxy is home to many famous solar systems such as the Tritegawa System and the AO5 System. The Pereleos Galaxy is the largest galaxy in District 1, and is the most populated.

The Districts were formed to differentiate the danger-levels of each solar system - District 1 is the safest, while District 3 was the most dangerous.

In Aavar's River, this galaxy appears a bright red colour.

Aavar's River
It is theorised that the Pereleos Galaxy contains roughly three hundred thousand million stars, and at least that many planets, each with unique life forms that must be studied.
— Unknown ancient theorist

Galactic Center

All galaxies have a galactic centre. Galactic centers are usually supermassive black holes, and the Pereleos Galaxy is no exception. This particular supermassive black hole was previously a fabled supergiant, and because of the size of the black hole, could not form a neutron star and remained how it was.

Rather than sucking in any object that gets near it, the black hole actually found things orbiting it. The size lead to entire solar systems, solar clusters, everything, orbiting it, without fear that they would be destroyed.

Spiral Arms

The Pereleos Galaxy is a spiral galaxy, which means they have a centre with spiralling arms extending from them, similar to a pinwheel. There are sixteen major spiral arms in this galaxy:
  • Sirilin Arm
  • Lutus Arm
  • Magnus Arm
  • Eleto Arm
  • Nemo Arm
  • Pavo Arm
  • Naian Arm
  • Otoro Arm
  • Sparrow Arm
  • Alpha Arm
  • Qulver Arm
  • Doron Arm
  • Estzal Arm
  • Aroci Arm
  • Sinnechian Arm
  • Aster Arm
  • Intergalactic Neighbourhood

    The Pereleos Galaxy is part of a massive intergalactic neighbourhood nicknamed "Golden Street". The Golden Street is a large, streamlined galaxy cluster with a population of 190 galaxies. The Pereleos Galaxy is the largest galaxy in this cluster, and the largest galaxy in District 1.

    Three smaller dwarf galaxies orbit the Pereleos Galaxy, the Aeihera, Galhar, and Ekaeal Galaxies.

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