Painter Fox

Painter foxes are medium sized foxes found in urban areas across Aekor. They are considered a pest in several countries, and are commonly found wandering the streets at night. They have one of the most complex non-sapient languages in the Yonderverse, producing a substance in their tails that they use to "paint" the ground and walls, the scents, tastes, and colours all meaning different things.

Basic Information


Painter foxes have an hourglass figure, with a large ribcage and a large waist. They have somewhat short limbs, 4 toes ending the pair of arms and pair of legs, with short claws on the end of each toe. Their large bushy tails is the biggest part of the creatures, which is just longer than its body. Their heads are thin, which allows them to poke their heads into small gaps to scrounge for food. Their long snouts possess a row of long teeth on either jaw, a pair of longer canine teeth on the front of each jaw. Their fur is a brownish/purple, and is slightly iridescent, it can be seen as more purple in a light and darker brown away from the light.

Genetics and Reproduction

Female painter foxes are incredibly vulnerable when pregnant. Because they give birth to a litter of 7-8, they are rendered immobile for a considerable amount of their 60-70 day gestation period. The female will go into hiding, in dumpsters, alleyways, forests, anywhere where they feel most safe, which is usually in the dark.

Growth Rate & Stages

The baby painter foxes are very inquisitive, and will often try to run away to explore. If another male that isn't the father finds them, it will try and eat the babies. There is a 63% chance a baby painter fox will be eaten, and a 59% chance they are eaten by another male fox. For the first few weeks, baby painter foxes don't produce any sellid.

Ecology and Habitats

Painter foxes enjoy a range of habitats. They thrive in urban environments, living off of the creatures that call this place home, they can also live off of food from dumpsters as they are omnivorous.
Painter foxes are nocturnal, and they come out mostly at night. During the day they will hide in the more hidden areas of towns and cities, where people won't go and won't find them.
Outside of urban areas, they live in grasslands and meadows, forests (both temperate and boreal), as well as the lower areas of mountainous regions.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Painter foxes are omnivorous, meaning they can survive by eating both meat and non-meat products. They can actually tolerate a lot of foods that harmonids and other races eat, which means they survive easily in urban areas.
Average Length
60 - 110 cm (without tail)
Geographic Distribution


Painter foxes have one of the most complex non-sapient languages in the Yonderverse. The sellid produced by the tails are spread along walls of houses and other buildings, on the ground, and these show how the creature is feeling and what it is saying to others. Too complex for harmonids to understand, it is known that the scents, the flavours, and colours of the sellids can all be altered easily by the painter fox and it means different things. An infinite combination of these factors produces a language so complex most people could not comprehend it.


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