Hey, do you have any spare slime? I've ran out and I won't replenish for a few hours.
Of course! *rips off arm* Here!
Osao is a planet in the Kurhira Solar System. It is the eighth planet orbiting Afuph. Osao is most famous for its unique species of slimes, creatures not found anywhere else in the Yonderverse.


The planet is home to the most unique of landscapes; while generic and common in shape the ground is mildly squishy, every single hill and mountain is round and the seas are more viscous than most planets. The rocks that make up the planets are of a pastel variety, with lots of green, blue, purple and orange rocks layering the landscapes that ooze a viscous liquid.


The ocean that surrounds the lands on the planet is more dense and viscous than most other planets. It is very slimy, and harder to get off once you're wet. The ocean isn't too deep either, a maximum of a hundred metres deep in some places, while most is about 20 metres deep.

Mountain Island

The mountain island is the largest island that makes up the single archipelago on the planet. The island is home to the tallest of mountains, all with rounded tops that stretch for miles. The mountains are a bright green colour, and seep liquids that flow down the sides of the mountains making them difficult to traverse.

Beach Island

The beach island is just south of the mountain island. It is a large, flat sandy island that occasionally sits below sea level, but not often. It is often inhabited by seabirds that want to take a rest, and the rockpools that are on the north and south edges are constantly full of marine life, especially water slimes.

Forest Island

Southwest of the beach island, the forest island consists of rolling plains with trees covering them. These trees provide shelter for many species, these trees growing bulbous fruit like things that fall off when ripe and can be eaten. Forest island is the most inhabited island, with a whole host of slime species and other creatures living here.

Desert Island

Desert island is a few miles north of forest island. With just a few slime species and other creatures, it is by far the least populated island in terms of species. Desert island is rather large too, with large sandy hills it appears to be a mix of the beach island and the plains island.

Plains Island

Plains island is directly east of desert island, and can rarely be accessed by a land bridge due to the ever changing tides. Plains island is similar to the forest island, except with a complete lack of trees. The creatures on this island eat the short grasses that grow, and relax on the thin line of beaches around the island.

Fauna & Flora

Osao has a seemingly endless amount of creatures. The most common, and by far the most famous creatures on Osao are slimes. These gelatinous creatures are unique in the way they work, not needing to eat nor drink, or take in energy at all to keep them surviving. These slimes are a hyper-adaptive species, meaning they can change their appearence and functions in seconds to suit their environments. This is used to produce new breeds of slimes that are suited to new environments, meaning slimes exist all over the world and are perfectly adapted to them all.

Natural Resources

The ground that makes up this planet is quite valuable; the composition is unique among planets and it's useful for many contraptions. The slime is incredibly valuable, selling highly on any black market.   Basically anything on the planet is valuable. All of the plants are unique to this planet, the wood from the trees is much harder to break, cannot be burnt, and it flexible, making it an incredibly sought after material.
Terrible picture made by myself.

Sentient Slimes

Sentient slimes are a sub-species of slime that is much more intelligent than the rest. These slimes have learnt how to speak and create their own languages, construct settlements, and these in particular have created gravity-defying civilisations using their own replenishable bodies.   These people have managed to enter space and beyond their Solar System, which has allowed them to trade with new people for new resources to benefit their own kind. Since slime is in such demand, they are able to earn a lot of money from other people from other planets buying it.


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