One is the largest moon orbiting Echos, a planet in the Sao Solar System. The moon is famous for the adorable moonfrog species, and the pristine lakes found on One.


One is comprised mostly of moonrock, with large craters covering the entire moon. A lot of these craters are filled with moonwater, and have created environments for a few animal and plant species. The biggest crater, known as C34, is 13 miles wide and the ring of hills that surround it are 300 metres tall. About 63% of the moon is covered in forest, made from over 40 tree species and hundreds of other plants.

Fauna & Flora

One is home to a select group of creatures, perfectly adapted to life in shallow pools and lakes, forests, and meadows. Because of the size of the moon, it cannot support large organisms. The largest creature measures just over a metre long, twice as long as the second largest creature.


Moonfrogs are the most common amphibian on One. These small critters are found in every celestial pool on the moon, their beady black eyes staring out of the water as they hide from many predators. These creatures lay their eggs in these pools; on rare occasions, their eggs can take up the entire pool, leaving all the other creatures without space and eventually die.

Bulb Tree

Bulb trees are the most common tree species found on One. Their trunks are a bright purple, with a thick, scaly bark. The leaves of a bulb tree are incredibly interesting - they grow in large clumps, and form spherical shapes that are so heavy they pull down the branches. They are also known as "weepers", for the shape of their branches.
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