Mychael is Greenerth's leading mycologist. Mychael is a Surbarian from Tropacia, who moved to Aendatha to study mycology in 1983.

Personal History

Mychael, born Mikhael, was born in 1971, in to a family of fifteen siblings. It was a constant fight to be noticed by parents, but by age 6 Mychael didn't care for it, and preferred solitude. He would continuously explore the surrounding forest when he wasn't attending school, collecting mushrooms and plants and bringing them home. He would grow seeds and spores, maintaining a large collection of organisms in his joint room, eventually taking up an entire wall of plant pots.

When Mychael was 22, he left Surbaria and travelled to Aendatha to pursue a career in mycology. His childhood interest in fungi and mushrooms would hopefully grow into a career. He now lives in a small apartment in Azra, the capital city of Aendatha.

Mycological Success

Weeping Fungus Sketch by Amanda McRoberts

After Mychael legally changed his name to better suit his interest, he published a book known as "How To Identify A Fungus". This book was critically acclaimed by many famous faces in the world of biology, many calling it "the most incredible book on fungi written ever".

In it are sketches of various fungi found across Greenerth, from the weeping fungus to the four-spot stoplight mushroom. These sketches are used in student biology textbooks across the world.

Mychael by Mochi
Four Spot Stoplight Mushroom by Amanda McRoberts


Author's Notes

Thank you Amanda McRoberts for the idea!

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