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Mushroom Furniture

Mushrooms come in many varieties, not only with species but with sizes too. The biggest recorded mushroom was a whopping 70 metres tall. Mushrooms are most common in sizes below a metre tall, but that doesn't stop them from growing beyond that. Many people that use magic tend to have furniture in their homes made of mushrooms, since mushrooms have many magical properties and look adorable in the right home.   

Mushroom Chairs

Mushroom chairs are a common thing in households. People harvest massive toadstools, which are quickly moved into their homes and placed around the house. While there is no back support on the toadstools, the comfy cap provides a warm and inviting seat. Picking a type of toadstool is the hard part, since dying mushrooms is too dangerous for them, the toadstools run the risk of imploding or just melting when they come into contact with dyes.   

Mushroom Tables

Mushroom tables are where creativity flies. People like to use magical spells on hanging mushrooms, such as gallor roots, and make them many times larger. The stems hang from the ceilings and dangle down to chair height, which makes for a perfect table. The flatter, rounder and wider mushrooms are favoured as it gives more space for food on the tables.

Mushroom Lights

Mushroom lights are common too. More hanging mushrooms are magnified in size, but this time only slightly. Certain mushrooms are picked, especially ones that have a glow to them and glow in the dark. Windows let in light during the day, but during night the mushrooms provide a warming glow that puts people to rest easier.  

Mushroom Beds

Mushroom beds are also a popular choice. The leathery feel of certain mushrooms makes these beds much more comfortable than wooden ones. Mushrooms come in many shapes, and beds are made out of mushrooms with a curved shape, when laying down you feel encased in it. Bedsheets are usually made of wool, or molted feathers from birds, or even blossom leaves all magically woven together.

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7 Aug, 2021 20:29

I love the idea of mushroom furniture. I suppose they use magic so the mushroom doesn't rot?

7 Aug, 2021 20:34

They do indeed! Mushrooms seldom rot but when they do, god do they smell.