Molophens are an incredibly dangerous terror bird found solely on Red Rock Island on Dracosei. These animals are the deadliest bird species on the planet, rivalling some dragon species.


Molophens have a large, barrel shaped body with two thick, trunk shaped legs stuck out of them. These legs are 95% muscle, and can let the birds run for days on end without stopping. 3 toes sit on each foot, all equipped with long, curved, black talons.

The birds have an array of feather colours, however each bird is only adorned with one. The most common colour for a molophen is a light green, the least common is purple. The birds have long necks and large heads; these heads possessing a menacing beak that curves downwards, tipped with barb like spikes along the rim of the beaks which makes it all the more tough for a caught prey to escape. Their eyes are positioned on the sides of their heads, and are rather large, giving them not only a wide scope of what is around them but they can also see this in great detail.

Their arms are incredibly small, only reaching a few inches. These arms have just a few feathers, not very long either, rendering the species flightless.


Molophens are the apex predator of the birds world. They hunt down other birds, mammals, fish occasionally, and small dragons. They have been known to store food for the winter months when it gets colder, and the birds go into hibernation. For many dragon species, molophens are its only natural predator.

Reproduction & Growth


Molophens nest in caves, where they can seek refuge from the many dangerous dragon species on Red Rock Island. The females will lay their eggs while the male goes out and searches for bones, branches, leaves, moss, feathers, to form a large, comfortable floor for the female to roll the eggs on and incubate them until they hatch. Eggs take 50 - 60 days to hatch, depending on how long the mother incubates them. The eggs themselves are just a plain beige, with a few darker spots circling around the middle of the egg.


Babies are not born with feathers, and it takes a mere few days for them to grow them. These babies are taught from a young age who to stay away from, as their intelligent parents recognise old faces and will teach their offspring to hate them too.

When the babies are a year old, they become sexually mature. The birds will leave their nest, and will explore the wilds of the island and find a new mate, and a new cave to call home to have their babies and offspring.

25 - 28 years
Average Height
6 - 8 feet
Average Length
3 feet
Geographic Distribution

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