Marsh Glowshroom

Marsh glowshrooms are the most common glowshroom species in the silent slough and the Sarabar Swamp. They are a large glowshroom species and can sometimes grow as large as the trees themselves.

Basic Information


Marsh glowshrooms have a pear shaped cap, with a large base growing thinner as it reaches the cap. Several frills line the top of the stem, just below the gills. The gills are very thin, up to a hundred gills in a single shroom. The cap is a campanulate (bell) shape. The cap is a light green, with light blue spots all over it, smaller ones gathering near the tip of the middle of the cap, and larger ones around the edges.

Genetics and Reproduction

Marsh glowshrooms produce about 500 thousand spores daily, not a lot compared to most other fungi. They produce these in the cap, and release them every day through the gills. The spores don't make it far because the muggy climates doesn't let the spores float far in the air, so the glowshrooms grow fairly close to each other.

Growth Rate & Stages

These fungi grow at a very fast rate. They are considered pests to the Aar-Aori in Castara and its neighbouring settlements because the mushrooms will grow within a few days and they grow in their hundreds.

Ecology and Habitats

Marsh glowshrooms grow in swamplands and marshes in Aekor. Growing in water depths of only a few centimetres, they generally stick to dry land and just on the river edges. They do grow near trees to, where the leaves provide lots of shade.

Additional Information

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Marsh glowshrooms provide habitats for Whelfin, a small lizard species. These creatures dig out the middle of the the mushrooms, and will use it to hide from predators. This will slowly kill off the glowshroom, but since the creature is endangered and the mushroom is not it is seen as a positive thing.
3 years
Average Height
2 - 5 metres
Geographic Distribution


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