Lava Rock

Hello! Welcome to Hell, I hope you enjoy it here! We made you some snacks to get you all used to the kinds of food you'll be eating, I'm sure you've heard all about it when you had your training courses.
Just take a bite, I promise they're delicious.
If you're planning on working with a compny in Hell, you'll probably have to enjoy the delicious hell rock as a hazing snack. If you somehow land a job at one of the trans-planetary corporations extracting minerals from the ground, you'll be given this tasty treat on your first day.

Straight from the ground

Lava rocks are simply very hot rocks taken straight from the surface of Hell. Usually, when a wave of recruits are taken to Hell for their first day, someone will go out and gather a bag full of these rocks, and bring them back ready for when they arrive. As soon as the ship lands, they are welcomed and taken into a room, to be given a "delicious treat".
Most are wary of the rock, but some will immediately take a bite. And in almost all cases, the rocks are spat out and their mouths start to burn, but luckily water is provided, or any liquid that one is used to. Nobody is forced to consume the entire rock, and it is simply just a ritualistic prank that is done to every new person on the job.

Unfortunately, the higher ups don't exactly approve of this. The most common excuse for this prank is that "the new ones need to get used to the flavours of the planet", but the bosses just give them a stern look and move on, as there are more pressing concerns when you are on a burning planet full of lava and giant animals.


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7 Jul, 2022 18:22

That is so mean! But also creative. Great article!