Kazaharo Cliffs

This island is one of the largest islands on the planet, and also contains the largest amount of dragon species, through migration and endemic species. Kazaharo Cliffs is also home to the legendary Night Howler of the Nature element, residing in a chamber underneath the mountains.
Kazaharo Cliffs


I could spend a year on this island and still not discover all of its secrets. The island contains about 10 different forests, hundreds of tree species, caves and caverns latticed below the surface, mountains, valleys, practically anything you could think of. On the west coast are giant rainbow cliffs, cutting off the northeast is a mountain range, and towards the south is a swampy floodplain.

Rainbow Cliffs

The rainbow cliffs extend from the southeast of the island, all the way along the coast to the northeast side of the island. The cliff reaches a maximum height of a whopping 24 metres, ranging on average at about 2 or 3 metres to the low 20s, of course maxing out at 24. The cliff's most prominent feature is Sharp's Headland, the biggest headland on the island. It showcases lines of the crystal infused rock, different layers being different colours; oranges, yellows, reds, greens, blues, purples, pinks. Just off the coast of Sharp's Headland are hundreds of sea stacks and stumps, where the island used to exist but got eroded over time.

Fairy Forest

From a birds-eye view this forest stands out the most, by far. The blue and pink bubble trees are like nothing else found on the island, and the inhabitents also share this colour palette. The plants from this forest are sought after for their bioluminescence, which are used for natural lamps in homes. Not to brag, but I have a rather large selection of these plants.
Fairy Forest by Mochi

Glaze Storms

The only place in the world where glaze storms exist, Kazaharo Cliffs sits atop a large vein of laurelite. Laurelite in space are pulled towards the larger vein buried underground, and when it reacts with clouds it forms burning hot rain. Getting trapped in one of these storms is literal hell, as the only protection from the rain is to hide in a cave, and they're not exactly common. Luckily though, these storms are rare, and I have never found myself caught in one. The rain leaves a blindingly shiny coating on the plant life, which is harvested by people and sold to large companies, who make a profit by selling it as jewelry. Because of how bright the glaze-coated plants shine after a storm, protective goggles are sold - I own a fancy red pair, adorned with tiny crystals decorated by myself.



Khaltos is a large town towards the south of the island. It is the biggest settlement on the island, at around 1523 citizens. Calling themselves the Air Tribe, this territorial group protects their most valued treasure at all costs - an unhatched skyshifter egg.
According to citizens of Neihlar, a group of Aireans split off from Khaltos a few hundred years ago, and formed their own tribe over the river. Apparently, this was because the two sides disagreed on what should happen to the skyshifter egg; the Aireans believed it should remain unhatched for eternity, yet the Neihlar tribe believed it should be hatched and the dragon be released.

Straggler's Bay

Somehow and for some reason, any ship or boat that crash lands on this island ends up in this tiny bay. The people that live in this village use the shipwrecks as homes and live off of the creatures in the bay, crustaceans like crabbles and mountries.
Personally my favourite village on Kazaharo Cliffs, the citizens are by far the friendliest and their food is incredible. I don't know what kind of spices they use, but I wish to get my hands on some eventually, because my food is no-where near the quality of their food.


Neihlar is the smallest of the three settlements on Kazaharo Cliffs, with a population of only 394. After separating from the Airean tribe a few hundred years ago, they formed this village over the river and became a farming village, harvesting unusual crops.
This particular group of people worship air dragons, just like the Aireans, yet have their well-known opposing view on the skyshifter egg that lays in Khaltos. The Neihlar believe all dragons should be free, and are against those who keep them as pets.


Kazaharo Cliffs is famous for having the largest biodiversity on the planet. I have recorded well over a hundred dragon species on this island, and that is no surprise given the amount of unique environments here. Because of the amount of vegetation, many herbivorous species live here. This leads to many predators, like potbellies and cliffhangers, two rival predators.


Plentiful flora also exists on this island. The fairy forest has by far the most unusual flora, possessing the only bioluminescent plants in the whole island. Towards the north are trees and other foliage that grow in colder environments, like ghost pines, and towards the south are warmer, more swampy foliage. In my house I have about 20 different plant species endemic to this island, since they are incredibly easy to get a hold of.
Potbelly by Mochi
Dragon Species Discovered
Night Howler
Cavernous Creeper
Golden Drone
Night Light
Pygmy Shufflefin
Ridge Runner
Other Species Discovered

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