Iridin Crystal

The Iridin crystal is the biggest crystal on Ocearia. The crystal is found guarded by the biggest Pyre Leviathan on the planet, right at the bottom of the Dark Depths.  


The Iridin crystal resides buried in a crater-like hole in the ground right at the lowest part of the dark depths. It is surrounded by a white mist in the water, that disguises the crystal and makes it very hard to spot.

Guardian Pyre Leviathan

The Iridin crystal is currently being guarded by a very large pyre leviathan. It is believed to be the largest pyre leviathan on the planet, almost 500 metres long from the tip of its snout to the tip of its tail. The pyre leviathan has collected a ton of skeletons from its prey around the crater, which serves as a warning for any creature not to get any closer.  


The crystal itself is jasper, and it is said that the crystal controls the pyre leviathan. The crystal nullifies the creature's emotions, which keeps it from leaving the crystal, but also makes the leviathan guard it. According to common Subratera myth, the crystal has sentience, and the awareness of its own power means that it mustn't let others get a hold of it, which explains the pyre leviathan.  


Subratera lore and legend circles around this particular crystal. The crystal was once in the hands of an almighty mage, who sought to control the seas and control the land, all with the power of the crystal. This so called mage is referred to as Iridin, where the crystal got its name from. His entire goal was to rid the world of land, and turn everything into ocean. Once he got his hands on the crystal, he would sink the continental plates into the oceans, turning them into vast blue waters. Once the process was almost complete, Arala, God of the Waters, banished him into the prison realm, leaving the crystal in the dark depths. A lone pyre leviathan unknowingly swam too close to the crystal, and the crystal's power got hold of it, and would turn the creature into its guard dog for as long as it lives.


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