The ilvians were a race of saurians that inhabited what is now known as Germany.


The ilvian culture was discovered after the discovery of the saurian species. In 2025, a settlement of saurians were discovered in western Germany. The settlement differed to ones found before, confirming the theory that saurians had developed unique cultures based on the islands they lived on. The settlement was uncovered in a small quarry, just south of Merzig, a small town in Saarland.



As all saurians do, or so it is theorised, ilvians grow fungi on the trees they live on. These fungi are carefully managed, to avoid spreading them to areas they aren't native to, and they are roasted on small fires kept buried in holes in the ground. Ilvians also grow small harvestable plants on the ground floor, which they keep underneath "tents", made of sticks and leaves, to conceal it from dinosaurs.


Ilvian architecture is more communal than other saurian cultures. The houses they construct are all interconnected; large wooden planks spanning up to a hundred trees serve as a communal house, with beds for everybody to sleep in, communal dining areas and a "town hall" embedded into the trees.


Ilvian clothing is the most complex clothing of all the saurian races. The base clothing is made of dinosaur scales, with feathers used to decorate. The inside of the clothes are layered with down feathers from small dinosaurs, while larger, decorative feathers are used on the outside.   Different people use different feathers to decorate their clothes.
  • Those that work as hunters will decorate their clothes will less feathers; these feathers are greens and browns, to camouflage themselves into their environments as they hunt dinosaurs on the ground.
  • Farmers will decorate their clothes with red feathers - farmers are valued, and the red feathers make them stand out compared to other clothes.
  • Late Jurassic Earth
    Prehistoric Germany
    Time Period
    Late Jurassic, approx 140 mya
    Discovered by
    Nina Lowery


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