HMS Tennason

Owned by David Tennason, HMS Tennason is the portable home of the man, and serves as his main mode of transport when he is not resting in his space bubble, where he has claimed as his own territory. HMS Tennason was originally owned by the royal navy back on Earth, but was then "stolen" by David himself after the virus broke out and killed off humans.  


HMS Tennason, or any other airship, was not designed for prolonged exposure in space. In fact, before David reached the space bubble that he now calls home, the ship almost deteriorated.   Previously, the airship was owned by the Fleet Air Arm, one of the five sections in the United Kingdom's Royal Navy. It was one of their newer designs, and had not been used in battle but had been tested in space. It could survive in space for about a year before it would start to deteriorate.   A few weeks after the outbreak of the ancient virus in Russia, the virus had spread worldwide, since humans weren't smart enough to realise closing airports, cruises, and other modes of mass transportation was probably a smart idea. After his family had been taken by the virus, David travelled his way to a port in the north of England, where he seized control of one abandoned HMS Oakridge. He renamed it HMS Tennason, after himself, and he simply drove into space. With no clue of where he was going, or even wanted to go, he remained at a consistent speed heading in the same direction. Passing a few Astral Seas on the way, he learnt to avoid those as he got a glimpse of a Lordricarr, one of the biggest creatures in space.   After 11 Earth months of floating in space, he eventually came across a large space bubble. Of course, since he was a human, he had no idea what it was, but he saw plants growing there and thought it was his best option. He tried to make the airship go faster to break through the bubble exterior, and luckily he managed. Parking himself next to the land in the centre of the space bubble, he then claimed the land as his own.  


Straight away when looking at the airship, you'll notice the striking colours on it. David is a big fan of all things plants, so he commissioned a man on Karkhala to paint the entire ship a dark green with plants all along the bottom and sides. A bright sun was painted to cover the main window that looks out from the control room. The paintjob was designed to represent David's positive outlook on life, hence the Sun, and his love for plants shown in the greenhouse, the largest room in the ship.   The ship is designed to be wide and flat, because it was designed to carry several smaller aircrafts on top of it. The ship is designed very sturdily, to withstand crashes, attacks from creatures, attacks from other airships, pretty much anything. Being built from tarsarium, it does a very good job.

Weapons & Armament

HMS Tennason is armed with many machine guns and pistols, all displayed in the armoury, a room on the bottom floor of the ship. These weapons are so seldom used that the room has gathered a fair amount of dust, David swore that he would never use his ship to attack despite the ships original purpose in doing so.

Armor and defense

The ship is constructed of tarsarium, one of the strongest metals in the Yonderverse. Being made of this means that entering atmospheres and flying through space is not challenging. It also means being attacked by terrifying space creatures shouldn't be much of a worry, since most couldn't break through and destroy the ship.

Communication Tools & Systems

Being an avid traveller to planets, David has made many friends and connections throughout the planets. At the control room, David set up a communications board that lets him talk to the contacts he has on the different planets, to make himself feel less alone, as he literally lives in the most isolated place one could.


In the centre of the control room is a holographic display of the ship. Detectors on the sides of the ship will spot objects and creatures approaching the vehicle, or simply enter a certain radius which can be altered. This is used especially when approaching astral seas, because lordricarrs are one of the few creatures that can damage the ship, however not much.

Hangars & docked vessels

Several decoy ships line the bottom of the HMS Tennason. These decoys are used to distract large predators in space, such as lordricarrs in the astral seas. David purchases them from a manufacturer on Greenerth, who builds them for a lower price than usual since both of them have a good relationship.



Control Room

Hello, I am your AI assistant, Cortana. Please enter your name.
The control room is the most important room in the HMS Tennason. Operated almost entirely by AI (thankfully for David), the room holds controls for the entire ship's vital operations, including control of the engines, control of navigation through space, controlling light, heat and oxygen throughout the space vehicle. Located directly on top of the ship, right at the front, it has a clear view of what is in front of the spacecraft and to the left and right, the walls being mostly window.

Training Rooms

Since this was a Royal Navy airship, there are several rooms designed for training soldiers for battle. These rooms are located near the back of the ship, on the bottom floor. They contain various archery kits, with targets about 20 metres away from where one stands to shoot. Monkey bars cover the ceiling, designed to improve arm strength and posture. Other equiptment includes simple weights and a small boxing arena. Two of the four training rooms were repurposed by David, and the two on the left wing were connected, by removing a single wall that divided them, to allow better archery practice.  

Dining Room & Kitchen

The dining room is David's favourite place to be in the ship, except for the bedroom of course. The kitchen exists on the deck, near the back of it, accessed through a large hatch, while the dining room is underneath it on the floor beneath. The kitchen houses many foods that are unspoilable, such as honey and primordial jelly. When David is exploring space, the kitchen is stocked with all of his food, in case he gets stranded, and his dining room is home to a large table and a throne for some high quality fine dining.  


A fair few of the rooms in the airship are bedrooms, designed to house the many soldiers that would have filled the vehicle. The bedrooms are full of bunkbeds stacked up in pairs, with a thin quilt on top, and a couple of bedside tables with lamps and alarm clocks on. David turned a single room into his own bedroom, turning a few bunkbeds into a bed for more than 3 people, and using the other bedrooms as storage facilities. He turned a few of them into homes for his many pets, one into an aquarium for a cyclops tadpole.


The Greenhouse is located directly behind the kitchen, on the deck. A large glass dome reveals the greenhouse, allowing light from celestial objects to enter, letting the plants grow. A filtration system inside the greenhouse releases mist every so often, that helps the plants grow. These plants have been taken from various planets that David visits, with a special section at the back of the greenhouse for underwater plants, most of them being taken from Ocearia.  

Collection Room

The collection room houses every single weird thing that David has ever collected from various planets, moons, and many other celestial objects that he has visisted. Transformed from two bedrooms now connected, various shelves were made from the metal from the bunkbeds, displaying many brightly coloured rocks and crystals, coins from different races on different planets, trophies from competitions he participated in, and everything else he has ever found, including things from Earth he took with him.  

Cinema Room

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Blade Runner!? Only for 20 corral? These guys don't appreciate true film.
After humans went extinct, scientists from Greenerth adventured the planet in their super-safe hazmat suits. They discovered, and downloaded, all the TV shows, films, documentaries they had made during their time on the now abandoned planet, and brought it back to Greenerth to sell for everyone, to remember the human race and how stupid they were. When David had his cinema room constructed, he purchased every single film and tv show he could afford to display on his large TV, which made the cinema room one of his favourite rooms to be in. With a primordial jelly and popcorn dispenser, he can chow down on a delicious snack while watching his favourite films.
One of a kind... kind of
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
300 people, 100 tonnes of cargo.


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