Hell's Holiday

Thanks to the migration of helsauruses that takes place annually on Hell, workers in the various factories along the migration paths get several weeks off.

An Unbeknownst Cause

To the workers in these factories, Hell's Holiday is simply a break from their jobs. The holidays are greatly looked forward to, workers will plan how they will celebrate weeks, sometimes months, in advance, and on the last day they are in the factories they are encouraged out as fast as possible, and to not look back until the holidays are over, to avoid revealing the cause of the holidays and sparking fear.


Hell's Holiday is celebrated on the second to last day with all of the workers in the factories. As they live in large apartments together, nobody is left out in parties. These take place during the nights, while preparations take place in the days. The parties usually start with food, end with food, and food is eaten in the middle. On the ground floor of each factory apartment complex is a large dining hall, with a circular table in the middle. Food is laid out on these tables, while decorations are sprinkled about this floor and in everybody's respective rooms. Music is played, food is eaten, people dance, everything you'd expect from a traditional party occurs.

Helsaurus Path

Helsauruses long predate any factories on Hell, by at least a a couple million years. These animals migrate every single year at similar times, following the same path they take from the Equator all the way to Metropolis Volcano. Many factories have set up along this path, without realising the dangers, as they set up large quarries to harvest all the plentiful minerals in the area. Predictably, these behemoths don't appreciate the new barriers on their paths, so they walk straight through, occasionally destroying some factories. Some have relocated to the outskirts of the path, not wanting to give up so many resources, but others have remained on the path, where the most resources are.

Lava Rocks

To remind themselves of their first day within the factories they work in, party-goers will most likely try lava rocks once more as a dare. These awful treats are placed in the middle of the circular tables, and one by one, everybody at the party is dared to take a bite out of one of the rocks, only for them to spit it out and run for something to cool their burning mouths.
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Sage RandoScorpio
10 Aug, 2022 19:40

Interesting that companies shield their workers from the dangers of their jobs; how very corporate of them. At least the workers get a nice bit of time off!

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