Hell is a planet in the Kurhira Solar System. It is the first planet orbiting the Sun, Afuph. It is one of the most dangerous planets in the Solar System because of the general climate, abundance of volcanoes, and the few creatures that live there.


The entire planet is a barren wasteland, covered in volcanoes, lava rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and large mountains. Towards the north pole of the planet where it is colder a few inland seas exist. These were created from the amounts of water vapour that are emitted from volcanoes when they erupt.   These inland seas contain very few plant life, as the water itself is rather hot from the constant magma flowing inside it. On the seabed, volcanic rock has hardened which allows for plants to grow inside it.

Fauna & Flora

While there is a limited variety of fauna and flora on the planet, it is undeniable that the creatures that do are very well adapted to this harsh life. Most of the animals that live on the planet have developed strong armour, usually on their backs, heads and appendages, which appear to be made from a similar material as the volcanic rock that covers the ground.   One of the largest creatures on the planet is the helsaurus. This menacing beast is over 20 feet tall, and 60 feet long, and they wander the tough terrains and consumes pure lava. Most creatures on the planet consume either lava or rock, as there is not enough plants to support an ecosystem.

Natural Resources

The volcanic rock is sought after by lots of companies in the Solar System. Large mining facilities were set up in several places around the planet, which have created massive quarries to collect the rock. Designing the vehicles to traverse the planet was tough, as they had to create them out of materials that can withstand the temperatures and the lava.
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