Heathvil is a small village located on the south coast of the Heather Isles. They are a small group of fairies that live isolated from the rest of the world (which doesn't matter since every other civilisation is isolated from the others.


The entire village is inhabited by the small fairy people known as the Heatherian. These fairies have lived on the Heather Isles for almost a hundred thousand years, and have only survived because they are too small to be preyed on by dragons and other creatures.


The heatherians have designed special cannons that shoot out fairy dust, a weapon that works exceptionally well with dragons. The dragons that are found on the island are susceptible to fairy dust, and so they stay away from the village.

Industry & Trade

While heatherians don't trade with other civilisations, their main currency is in pollen, which is harvested from their homes. The fairies eat the pollen, so people essentially barter for things with their food.   Heatherians have a variety of jobs, from woodcutting to pollen gathering. Woodcutting is necessary to build bridges and platforms on the heather to allow access round the village, and is a vital job that about a sixth of the fairies do.


Heatherians live inside magically enhanced heather flowers. These plants had a spell cast on them by the fairies, which would increase their size greatly, making them a perfect size to build houses in. Keep in mind the fairies are not big and don't have large houses, so the plants are only about three metres tall.


While they don't have the most amount of resources or valuable materials, they do possess a shocking amount of heather. Heatherians value heather enormously, as they survive purely off of it. Stored inside a vault in the cliffs, the village houses over 7 tonnes of heather, and considering how light heather that is, there is a lot of heather.
Alternative Name(s)
Fairy village
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