HD Corporation

The HD Corportion, or the Horror Dimension Corporation, specialises in analysing creatures from the Horror Dimension, a dimension who's creatures seemingly only affect Greenerth.



Founded 15000 years ago, the HD Corporation has existed as long as the creatures from the Horror Dimension have invaded Greenerth. Just a few days after the first demons were sighted around where Silica would end up, the HD Corporation was founded as a group of secretive agents who extracted one of these demons. It was taken to a high-tech facility just below the surface of the land, seemingly appearing from nowhere, where it was studied.

Monster Sightings

Whenever some terrifying monster from the Horror Dimension is sighted, the HD Corporation is first on the case. They appear the very next day, always at 9:00 am, and they capture these monsters. There are just a few occasions when these animals aren't captured, for example, the blood frogs in the Sarabar Swamp were too small and flew under the radar.
Generally, these monsters that appear are of a significant size, comparable to any building on the planet.


Nobody has any idea where the HD Corporation's facility is, they just know it is somewhere. There are some theories that the facility is located underneath the Region of Sarra, but there is no proof.   Want to know where it is?
Too bad.


There are many controversies surrounding this corporation, particularly on how they treat these monsters. Despite having previously terrorised civilisations, many believe these monsters deserve a better life than what they get in the facility.
Some leaked images of the monsters being torn apart for studying purposes have circled the internet, trapped in tiny cages unable to move, given only basic nutrients, barely able to survive. Millions of people have expressed concern over this, and believe the only reason the monsters terrorised the planet was because they were in an alien environment and were simply scared. Unfortunately, nothing can be done since nobody knows where the facility is, despite having the magical and technological properties to locate it, it still manages to conceal itself from the world.


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