Harmonids are one of the sapient species that populate Greenerth. They are a species of incredibly intelligent animals. Over the course of 3 million years they have evolved from smaller, omnivorous quadrupeds to tall, herbivorous bipeds.   Depending on where they live, harmonids have evolved certain appendages, or abilities. These sub-groups of harmonids have names, such as the Kozkonyonyaosi in the Frost lands have evolved to grow grey fur, taller and have stronger legs. Other examples include the winged harmonids in Sarra known as Volantrids, and the Surbaria people in the south of Tropacia with gills and webbed feet.

Basic Information


Most harmonids are born with 2 long legs, 2 arms, one head and 5 fingers per arm/foot. Things may differ depending on location such as skin tone, it may be yellower in warmer countries and darker in colder countries. A semi hyper-adaptable species, they have adapted to new environments and these changes have occurred in as little as one generation, parents looking vastly different to their children.   The harmonids in different parts of the world quickly adapted to their respective environments. Harmonids in the Frost lands grew thick fur, grew taller and had thicker skin.
  Harmonids in the warm, desert parts of the Region of Sarra grew white feathered wings. Research has shown no correlation between the adaptation and the environment, which is present in every other location on Greenerth.
  Harmonids in Trecath have developed long, purple feathers, a round face, and pale skin, with silver feathered wings.
  Harmonids in the oceans have drastically changed appearance. Some have developed crab like arms, legs and claws, some have developed tentacles and some that live in deeper oceans have developed appendages that let off a dim light.

Growth Rate & Stages

Ages 1 to 20 are considered a juvenile harmonid. These are the years when harmonid bodies are developing, going through changes to become an adult. Juvenile harmonids have small horns, or nodes, on their foreheads on either side. While no one really understands why we grow them, it has been theorised that they were for defense as they were more in danger than adults.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Harmonids are found worldwide, but have centralised themselves in few locations. The majority of harmonid populations compared to the rest of the world live in Southern Sarra, Northwest of the Region of Sarra, Tropacia, Central Aendatha, Espya, and Kaltia. These six locations altogether make up over half of the world's harmonid population.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Most harmonids naturally have the ability to use magic, conjure things such as fire and water. Harmonids have learnt to harness these powers to great levels, up to reality shifting levels. Some high level harmonids have the ability to manipulate the elements, and can conjure materials out of thin air.   Unlike a great deal of other sapient species, harmonids have night vision, meaning they can see clearly in darkness. This brings about many advantages to it, improving general navigation in the night.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Over harmonid history on Greenerth, they have established 37 different countries. These countries range in power, from Hanoan, who has never won a war since its establishment, to Aendatha, who has never lost a war since its establishment. The countries have a ruler, which usually lives in the most populated city in the country.

Average Technological Level

Often regarded as the biggest scientific breakthrough was the harnessing of infinite electricity, generated by thalassium, the 119th element in the periodic table. This breakthrough has accessed huge strides in technology, developing vehicles that can run forever, power generators running faster than ever before. It has allowed the harmonid race to advance as a species at a faster rate than they ever expected.


Harmonids started appearing on Greenerth around 3 million years ago, as very primitive beings, around the south of Vustrimia. They constructed primitive homes, which at that time were piles of sticks, resembling nests. Then, about 2.5 million years ago, harmonids learnt to create heat. They crafted small campfires out of piles of sticks, surrounding the fires in a circle of mud or clay. Another half a million years later did they transition to creating farms. They would sprinkle seeds along the ground near their nest-site and hope they grew. Soon they learnt that water was vital in farming. By then harmonids had mastered farming, and would make large gardens of crops to make their food.
As time went on, harmonids would depend more on farming for food and less on meat, and eventually stopped eating meat altogether as farming was a much more efficient method. Since they were not eating meat anymore, they evolved to become completely herbivorous.   More modern settlements started appearing about 2 million years ago. These were big hardened clay cylinders on the ground with long planks of wood as structural support, with hay woven in lattices as a roof, which were tough to break.     Boats were also being constructed at this time out of wood. Once these boats were created, harmonids started spreading out across the world. This took a while though, as the oceans are very big. Unfortunately, the majority of harmonids who would venture across the oceans got stranded at sea and passed away. Harmonids started appearing in Tropacia about 1.8 million years ago, then they appeared in Aendatha and Mirikith, then the Frost lands. Quickly after the harmonid population grew, and would spread across the world, however their style of life remained exactly the same until about -300,000.   Towns, villages and cities started forming around -300,000. Few villages would be found scattered about the world, with even less cities. Quickly, rulers were formed. In each village every citizen would vote for one person to be made the ruler. This ruler would then quickly form rules for the village, making sure every person was treated fairly, had a role in the village and thus wasn't a liability.
As time goes on, new rulers take their place. Usually it would be the heir to the throne, but if there is none, then it is a citizen vote, where the people of the village will vote for the ruler.   At about -2000, harmonids started to really diverse its food. Before they would stick to basic food, breads, salads, cheeses, but then they started experimenting with flavours and textures. Harmonids explored farther than ever, finding new species of plants, flowers, crops, mushrooms, to put in their food. Unfortunately this came with some dangers, discovering many dangerous foods and plants such as Everglows.
Average Height
1.4 - 3m
Related Technologies


  Since harmonids have ruled Greenerth, assigning the countries, other sapient species have had problems with them, especially the Aar-Aori. Other species aren't happy that they took control of the entire planet, and that has led to disagreements that ended in large battles, some would even call wars. Other species have flat out ignored harmonid's existence, and despise them beyond words (Aar-Aori).


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