Glitter Void

If you think black holes are void of life, you'd be very wrong. In fact, the Glitter Void contains arguably the most amount of life for a single location in the Yonderverse. The Glitter Void is a unique black hole as it spews out infinite amounts of cosmic glitter, an unbreakable material that is a curse amongst space-travellers, as it gets stuck in the little gaps and crevices of spacecrafts.

Location & Size

Nestled in the centre of the Pereleos Galaxy, the Glitter Void is the Galactic Centre of its home galaxy. It is approximately 17 solar radiuses, one of the smallest Galactic Centres there is. The Glitter Void is orbited by approximately three hundred thousand million stars, with at least that many planets.

Trillions and trillions of space-barriers circle this black hole to deter spaceships from getting too close. These barriers flash an alternating gold and red colour, the two most common colours in the Yonderverse to be associated with danger.

Glitter Spewing

The most unusual phenomena occurs in the Glitter Void. This black hole sucks in nothing larger than a traditional tennis ball, things like cosmic debris and the smallest of asteroids, as well as space dust and any nebulas unfortunate to get too close.

The debris sucked into the black hole is transported into another dimension, nicknamed the Glitter Field. Any debris that enters this dimension is almost immediately turned into cosmic glitter, and some of it is then spewed back out of the Glitter Void and into space, covering spacecrafts flying by and getting into uncomfortable holes and cracks that are almost impossible to get out.


The most common species to inhabit the Glitter Void are void butterflies. These small insects are capable of surviving the depths of space, and their bright colours and ribbon like appearance disguise them as cosmic glitter. They often flock on to spaceships and disguise themselves as glitter, knowing that the inhabitants of the ships cannot be bothered to clean the glitter, so the butterflies are freely transported around space.

Mosaic reapers are deadly creatures that swim around the Glitter Void, preying on void butterflies but occasionally targeting spacecrafts. These animals shimmer in the blues and blacks of space, as their crystallised scales refract light and produce blinding kaleidoscopes.

Alternative Name(s)
Glitter Hell
Worst place to fly your Spaceship
Black Hole
Location under
Included Locations

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