Glitter Train

If you have a skylight in your designing room in the Writer's Dimension, you might just catch a glimpse of a glitter train chugging its way in the skies. These magical, enchanting trains can take anybody anywhere they desire.

Magic Sprinkles

Running entirely on magic, glitter trains expel magical sprinkles whenever it is in motion. The faster the trains run, the more sprinkles are shot out the back. If the sprinkles are to land on someone, that person will feel unimaginably happy for a short period of time. The sprinkles are so popular that crowds of people often form whenever glitter trains are about to leave their stations, ready for the sprinkles to land on them.

Train Stations

Glitter Train Stations are easily recognisable, for they are the only location in the Writer's Dimension with glitter raining from the sky. This glitter, unlike other glitter, will not get stuck in every nook and cranny it will find and evaporates a few seconds after landing anywhere, to save people the anger and despair of finding glitter in random places three weeks later.

Food & Writing

While on the train, you can find yourself a nice place to sit. Some people choose to sit with others, and some sit on their own in special rooms, where it is completely silent. While on the train, you are welcome to work more on your setting; if you ask a member of staff, they will gladly provide you with snacks as you design your setting.

Not only that, starlight bunnies sometimes hop aboard glitter trains and have a wander. You might be lucky enough to find starlight bunnies on the same train as you, and if you do, you are encouraged to feed it some doughnuts.

Current location
As long or as short as you'd like.
As slow or as fast as you'd like.
Complement / Crew
As little or as many crew members as you'd like.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
As little or as many people as you'd like.

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