Glass Prison

Located north-south of a labyrinth sea between the Kinosmo System and the Maiain System, the Glass Prison contains some of the most dangerous criminals, some you wouldn't expect.


Build out of the most inpenetrable resources, the glass prison is designed to be unbreakable. The strongest of reinforced bone wood lines the tarsarium exteriors. With some of the most dangerous "things" in the Yonderverse locked inside this facility, it is no surprise that the toughest materials were used in the construction of the base.
The windows are currently 5 panels thick, reinforced with lead strippings that hold the glass together. As guessed by the name "glass prison", glass makes up the majority of the structure.
The entirety of the prison was reinforced with an unbreakable spell after being constructed, to make sure that nothing could escape. It took over 70 mages to cast the spell and cover the whole of the prison, and took about half an hour for the spell to envelop the building.


Ancient Altar

The ancient alter is the sole cause of the Human extinction, which some are rather grateful for. Inside of the altar was a deadly virus which infected its way through the human race, after the altar was discovered floating in space not far from the Kuiper Belt, in the Kinosmo Solar System.


Despite having a friendly name, Gerald is one of the most dangerous creatures in the Yonderverse. Gerald has the ability to control time itself, a gift very few have. Gerald was bullied as a child, which led him to seek revenge as an adult. The man was promptly captured with a time-crystal, and thrown in the Glass Prison for eternity.

Reddas Thederus

This political figure was taken to the Glass Prison after exploding not one, but four planets. The first one was an accident, but the other three were completely intentional. According to this man, the sole reason he exploded the planets was because "they looked at him funny" and he didn't know the big red button would actually work.

Zack The Tripper

Most believe Zack the Tripper to be unjustly in the Glass Prison, since his lack of education means that he doesn't know right from wrong. He is the son of one of the most powerful mages in the Yonderverse, who abandoned him as a child and he was forced to raise himself on his own. After discovering a civilisation on a moon he lived on, he set every single one of the inhabitants alight and then decided to completely erase the star the moon was orbiting.
Founding Date
56 (Greenerth Time)
No. Of Convicts


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