Galloria is a massive gallor in the depths of Mirror Forest. Galloria is the location of the Lili tribe, a group of flower-centric fairies that live detached from society. Galloria is one of the largest known gallors in Mirror Forest,


Galloria extends about 200 metres from either side. The gallor has 17 entrances, 4 of which are positioned on the ground, and so require no climbing to reach. The others are all positioned on or around the top, which lets in a lot of sunlight, allowing the Lili people to grow their flowers. Inside the gallor the ground is more soily, however large patches of pure stone exist as well as variations in height, creating small plateaus with different houses built on them.


The gallor contains the only settlement of the Lili tribe. This tribe is permanently located here, meaning they do not move out at any point in time. During rainy seasons, a lot of small reptiles, birds and mammals will enter the gallor, as it provides some dry shade since it is located on an elevated plain and water rolls out and off it. These creatures are provided homes from the Lili people, who are more than welcome to provide shelter and company for the creatures.

Fauna & Flora

The gallor itself is home to a variety of plant species. Tens of prehensile mushrooms live in the gallor, growing from the ceiling, as well as a few lichen species, some of which are glowing which illuminates the root-filled, vine covered ceiling. The ground is coated in a blanket of multi coloured moss, which comforts the feet of those who walk on it.


The gallor has been inhabited by the Lili tribe for about 10 thousand years. They moved in from a constant migration round Mirror Forest, and only settled in the gallor because it provided rest and shelter from creatures and the weather.   Over time, the settlement has grown, and now it spills out of the gallor because the tribe ran out of space. The houses were designed so they can grow plants on top, as that was very important to them.


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