Fruit Stew

Traditionally made in large pots over fires, fruit stews are a popular Surbarian meal.   Fruit stew is a common meal eaten during the many festivals of the Surbaria People's culture, for example Aori-Sanjam. The stew is eaten around sunset, and is treated as a dessert after their main meals. The stew is favoured by the elderly, as the soft, warm fruits are extremely pleasant for their weaker jaws. The stew is also the signature food of the Surbaria People, and is a mandatory food to try when any tourist and visitor is to come here, even if they have been before. The simple and easy treat makes for an easy way to get children to eat their healthy foods as the sugars make them much more delicious.


Take your water and fill the pot to about half way. Place it over a low fire.
Cut your fruits into small chunks.
Place the fruits into the water.
Add sweeteners; this can be sugars, pollen, sap, anything that adds the flavours you desire.
Add some angril paste, the amount will depend on the size of the pot.
Use a large ladle and stir the fruits as the water boils.
If everything has gone right the water should be thickening, evaporating, and turning a different colour (depends on the fruits used).
Once the stew is thick enough to your liking take it off the fire and place into smaller serving bowls.


Two handfuls of various fruits
Jug of water (depends on size of pot, usually fills to half way)
Angril paste (depends on size of pot)
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