Frost Centaur

Frost Centaurs are one of the two extant sub races of centaurs. They live solely in Nevaan, the capital city of Caira, after escaping Tropacia one and a half million years ago, taking boats north until they landed in Caira, and settled in the pre-existing city of Nevaan, which is a city now comprised mainly of harmonids and frost centaurs.

Basic Information


Frost centaurs have the typical physique of a centaur, the top half of a human, and the body of an equine. Their skin and fur is a light blue, with dark blue stripes, similar to Earth's zebras. their human skin is a white colour, and they are extremely muscly. Frost centaurs have a long white tail ending in a light grey tip.

Genetics and Reproduction

Frost centaur pregnancy lasts 14 months, in which guaranteed twins or more are born. It is important that the mother must not sit down while giving birth or else they will not be able to get up again for days as they will be weak and vulnerable.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Frost centaurs are herbivores; they are ruminants, a creature with a four chambered stomach. They digest many grass species, farmers grow specialised grasses that grow very fast, and pack them up in bales to sell to the centaurs.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Frost centaurs have slim faces. They have long blue hair, which is often tied up in a ponytail. Their hair is very scruffy, brushes get caught in it often. The centaurs have long pointed ears that are mostly covered by their hair. They have large, curly ram like horns with many spikes and ridges on them.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The frost centaurs originated in Southland, where they looked completely different and weren't classified as frost centaurs, instead regular centaurs. A few fled to Caira, where the entire population now lives in Nevaan and a few neighbouring cities.

Average Intelligence

Frost Centaurs aren't the most intelligent species. Their entire existence is thanks to harmonids, who taught them magic, technology, everything they use in this day.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Frost centaurs have been gifted the ability to control the state of water, steam and ice, and the ability to control its whereabouts. This ability was gifted by the God of the Snow, Derela, after witnessing the evolution of the centaurs that escaped the Centaur Uprising.

Civilization and Culture


Centaurs that escaped after the Centaur Uprising sailed away on a fleet of boats north as far as they could. A few died on the journey from injuries, sea sickness, dehydration and giant leeches, but most made it to Caira. They took refuge in Nevaan, and they then began to live there as the original centaur population died out. Quickly Nevaan became a popular city for refugee centaurs as word got out that they were living there. The centaurs that moved there didn't take to the temperatures and struggled until a few generations on when they adapted to the cold. Thousands of years later and centaurs had transformed so much they classified themselves as a new species, naming themselves "Frost Centaurs".
90 years
Average Height
2.5 metres
Average Physique
Frost centaurs are incredible muscular. Their physique require them to eat a lot, and they spend their entire days as farmers and workers, jobs that require them to burn a lot of calories, that way they can stay alive.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their equine part of the body is a light blue. Their human part is a white colour, with blue stripes, similar to Earth's zebra. The centaur's legs are a white, similar ot their skin, and their tail is also white, ending in a grey.
Geographic Distribution


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