Fire Noodle

Fire noodles are terrifying serpentine creatures that live in the numerous lava lakes of Hell. A common sight are holes in mountains and cliffs, where these fire noodles have had contests to see who can spit magma the farthest between each other.


Fire noodles have a long, snake like body, with thick scales that protect themselves from the magma they live in. Their ribs are flat, which creates wing like flaps that allow them to softly glide down when in the air. Their heads are flat and bony, the same red scales as their body. Their mouths are practically non existant, just a tiny hole that their tongue can stick out in, and suck magma in to digest. They are also able to spit streaks of the magma out, which they often do for fun and see how far they can spit. These serpents possess the most unique tail; they have a special organ that can fire out magma incredibly fast. When positioned right, these worms with propel themselves upwards and out of the lakes, where they can softly glide down. They can propel themselves while they're in the air too, essentially giving themselves the ability to fly.


Horned Fire Noodle

Horned fire noodles are a subspecies of fire noodle that live close to the Kei Peninsula, on the south coastline of Moaraisi. This subspecies possesses sharp horns on their heads that are used to ram into the ground to cause rockfalls for their own amusement. They also use these horns to attract mates, the longer the horns, the more attractive they are.

Segmented Fire Noodle

Segmented fire noodles are the smallest of the fire noodles. These creatures have a segmented tail, and because they are prey to other creatures, when a predator attacks they will lose the tip segment of their body and use it to distract the predator as they make their escape.


Fire noodles lay their eggs at the bottom of lava lakes, where the mother curls up in a flat circle, not to keep the eggs warm (there really is no need), but to instead protect them from males, who, if given the chance, will seize the eggs and consume them. The eggs are tiny compared to the creature, the same size as one's hands, and the females lay hundreds of eggs at one time.


Fire noodles, like many creatures on Hell, consume magma and volcanic rocks. These particular critters slurp down magma as they swim in the lava lakes, and some of the magma diverts down their body towards the tail, where they can shoot it out and fly whenever they like.
Average Length
20 feet
Geographic Distribution

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