Fire Frog

Fire frogs are a small amphibian species that swim in the various lava lakes of Hell.


Fire frogs are on average just 1 to 2 inches in length, and not even an inch in height. Their skin is incredibly hot, and a reddish-orange colour that helps them blend in with the lava they spend all their lives in. They have a spherical shaped body, with a pair of large eyes sat directly on top of their heads which are sunk into their bodies. Fire frogs have three pairs of tiny legs that flap endlessly, making them very slow swimmers.

Fire frogs have bioluminescent properties, glowing brightly when submerged in lava and appearing dimmer on land.


Females lay between 100 to 300 eggs in large clumps in the centre of whistlewood trees. These trees are small, but it is very difficult to climb into the centre so they make for a perfect nesting site. These tadpoles hatch and consume the entire tree, before crawling their way into the lava lake to live out their entire lives.


Fire frog tadpoles consume whistlewood tree leaves. Tadpoles have tiny legs which help them climb up the trees from their eggs and they will consume the entire tree.

Adult fire frogs consume tiny insects that live around the lava lakes, usually bristlewings. With long tongues, they are able to catch insects flying up to a foot away from them.


Fire frogs live in some of the warmer environments on Hell. Fire frogs live in lava lakes close to and on the Equator, slowly swimming about, paddling with their tiny legs. They prefer stagnant water, and don't like to leave it either. In fact, the only time they leave their lava lakes is to lay eggs.
2 years
Average Height
0.3 inches
Average Length
1 - 2 inches
Geographic Distribution

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