Eusteans are large, slug-like sapient creatures. Eusteans mostly live in the oceans, in towns and cities, some built underground.   Most eusteans are very stubborn people. They have a strong attitude and fight for what they believe in, which has lead to a fair share of wars between them and harmonids.
They are also expert salespeople. Most people own shops in their towns, so they have lots of experience with trade.

Basic Information


Eusteans have a soft, segmented body, which is a yellow colour, changing depending on where they were born. The segments are guarded on the top by a thick layer of chitin, usually red/maroon. They have a pair of leg on each segment, barring the last 3 segments, which connect to a bright fan shaped tail, also made of a softer chitin. Their head is very round, with a crab like mouth and 2 eyes on long stalks. They possess crab like pinchers on their arms.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Eusteans are pescatarians, eating plants and fish. Eusteans are experts in cooking fish, and have created thousands of delicious meals using various spices and flavours.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Eusteans have a pair of eyes on long stalks, that can swivel around 360º to see things all around them. The stalks can also extend a few centimetres.   Eusteans also have the unique ability to sense guilt. They can sense anyone feeling guilt, even just a small amount, and will cause the eustean to "blush", their skin colour goes lighter when they sense guilt.

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